Bristol Djangart Expedition 2013

In August, 6 climbers from the University of Bristol climbed 7 new routes on previously unclimbed mountains in the Djangart valley of Kyrgyzstan. Find out what we got up to here.

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The expedition was generously financially supported by the Mount Everest Foundation, British Mountaineering Club, Alpine Club & University of Bristol. We are also delighted that Berghaus, Alpkit, Buff and Dick's Climbing supported the expedition by helping out considerably with the cost of the equipment we needed to undertake this trip.

Download the Expedition Trip Report (PDF, 13MB)

Our expedition’s objective was to further explore the glaciated valleys in the Tien Shan that run into the Djangart valley. The initial objectives centred around attempts on three unclimbed peaks which had been the subject of interest from several previous trips: Pik 5318, Pik 5112 and Pik 5025.However upon arrival we changed our plans as Pik 5318 had been climbed a fortnight previously and the helicopter we used dropped us 7 miles from our intended base camp location leaving Pik 5112 too far away to access. Instead, we began with a successful summit of Pik 5025 and made 6 further first ascents of previously unclimbed mountains.

Expedition Team

All 6 expedition members met and climbed together at the University of Bristol. Expedition leader Ross Davidson, along with Harry, Harry & Al will graduate shortly. George and Clay graduated in summer 2011. The team have a wide range of climbing and alpine experience, including expedition experience gained last summer in the Russian Altai by George and Clay.